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The reservations are now open for New Year’s Eve dinner and
we will be serving our “a la carte” winter menu
with some small variations. Our guests can check the menu
on this website, reservations via email only.
silvia silvan
Pensieri Pescati by Silvia Silvan
Osteria Da Carla is glad to host the installation of the visual artist Silvia Silvan with her work “Pensieri Pescati”.
The title itself takes us to the precarious emotional sphere of the human being. From this initial thought, the artist initiates the creative act which is a necessary condition to her survival.This artistic journey is strongly influenced by the inner memories of her childhood.In fact She constantly refers to the mutation she can perceive in the feminine soul as she portraits it in the surreal eyes of her subjects. Women’s faces caught in a moment of ironic metamorphosis, suspended in monochromatic backgrounds as they show their sharp expressions and purposefully gaping, blank and glassy eyes and timeless expressions. These are the protagonists of this new art exposition at Osteria da Carla by the artist , who was born in Este (near Padova) but has been living in Venice since thirty years.
pinterest : #silvia silvan
Osteria Da Carla is glad to host Moulaye Niang with Muranero
Here is a glass artist Moulaye Niang and his works.
Emergency is an NO-PROFIT  italian association, independent and neutral, established in 1994 to provide high quality free medical and surgical care to victims of war, landmines and poverty.
Emergency promotes a culture of peace,solidariety and respectful human rights.

Choosing our restaurant, you contribute to support it, a part of the cover charge, will be allocated to this association, which we work with since 2016.